Pro Tours and GPs: My Upcoming Week Off!

Hello My Fellow Planeswalkers,

Mathew from GenericBadMagic here to talk to you today about competitive Magic. I, myself, am new to playing competitively, having only taken part in a single PPTQ so far. However, I will be attending next weeks Grand Prix in Birmingham for my first taste of a huge tournament and what I hope to be a great experience combined with a huge learning curve.

Going into it I’m naturally quite nervous about making sure I do things right, judges will be enforcing competitive and professional level rulings throughout, and finding my way around the venue effectively within a huge throng of people. Approaching this as purely an opportunity to experience the tournament environment somewhat mitigates my nerves but there’s always that nagging hope that you do well, even when the performance is secondary.

One thing I have found to be astoundingly motivating is logging on to Twitch whenever Magic is live to watch the latest top-level tournaments from around the world. This last Pro Tour was no exception.


Pro Tour Hour of Devastation was memorable for many reasons, Paulo Vitor Damo Da Rosa securing his second Pro Tour championship, stealing Player of the Year by a nose in the process, coverage by the Maria Bartholdi, Rich Hagon, Paul Cheon and the usual gang, the emergence of mono-red as a huge chunk of the meta and that very unfortunate misplay in the semi-final which secured PV’s place in the final. This all culminated to produce what I felt to be an extremely exciting end product, complete with triumph and heartbreak in equal measure. When seeing broadcasts like these you can’t help but want to be part of it!

This is where GPs come in. They’re high level tournaments with an excellent field of opposition and steady coverage on Twitch, but they are also open to all-comers. Aside from PPTQs and the like, they are the true bridge between the semi-competitive Game Day events (soon to be Store Championships) we all know from our local store and the Pro-Tour itself and with so much to do at a GP you don’t even have to be a part of the main event to have yourself a great time! These are true Magic: The Gathering conventions, where the pro’s and the amateurs can mix with the artists and retailers at many stalls all around the venue, no one is left out.

Personally I will be participating in the Modern main event with a few others from my local game store, Abbey Video Games in Arbroath, Scotland, having my first taste of an internationally attended tournament. As such, I have no real expectations for my performance, but I do have hopes. I hope to win two or three rounds (I’m playing burn), I hope to not tragically misplay and embarrass myself, I hope to get one match up with an established pro-tour player (probably the least realistic hope) but I fully expect to enjoy myself and be happy for the opportunity to just play Magic for a weekend in a city I’ve never visited before and meet up with some brothers in content creation for the first time (I’m looking at you Orcs Head Magic guys!). So if you’re thinking about it and just haven’t got the time so far, please go and register, before they run out of spaces!

Long term, I’d like to play more competitively, improve my game and eventually earn myself a spot on at least one Pro-Tour but for now, I am happy to just ease into competitive Magic, feel it out and make some friends along the way!

GP BIrm Playmat.png

When I come back from the GP, with my delicious new play mat, my foil promo Progenitus and a handful of new stories to tell I will start work on another article, covering the four decks that myself and my local store-mates will be playing in the main event. So stay tuned for Friday 18th August when I will have well and truly returned!


Until then you can catch me on Twitter @GenericBadMtg where I will no doubt be providing updates. As always, though, enjoy yourself playing this game we all love and I hope to see you there!




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